The toddler years are marked by big leaps in growth. From his first tentative steps to full out running, from babbling and single words to rushes of entire sentences, your child is growing rapidly and it shows. As a parent of a toddler your days will be long and busy with the constant demands of a little person who has many needs. Still, the next two years will fly by. As much as possible, try to allow yourself to stop long enough to enjoy the beautiful moments this age has to offer, like the first time your child tells you he loves you.

Toddler Biting

Biting is common for many toddlers. Toddlers may bite because it feels good on their teething gums or as a way to express an emotion they are feeling.

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Indoor Activities for you and your Toddler

These creative activity ideas will help you and your toddler stay active.

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Preschool Prep: How to Prepare Your Toddler for Preschool

This great resource provides parents with tips on how to make preschool preparation fun and make the transition go well for your whole family.

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Early Learning Activities: 12-24 months

A great list of over twenty activities parents can do with their toddlers to support early learning, brain development, and a strong relationship with their baby.

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