Throughout the first year of life, your baby will change rapidly. By the end of the year, she may be starting to walk, saying simple words like “mama” and “dada,” and will see her parents as the center of her universe. As you learn more about your baby and how she communicates what she needs you will begin to adjust to the daily demands all young babies require. By responding consistently to your baby’s needs, you will help form a vital connection that will last a lifetime.

Car Seat Safety Tips

Using a properly installed car or booster seat or buckling your child in properly can reduce the risk of serious injury or death by as much as 75%.

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A Guide to Baby’s Sleep and Naps

Helpful information and tips for understanding your baby’s sleep needs, establishing a sleep routine, and more information on the “Ferber” method.

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Breastfeeding Your Newborn

If you have decided to breastfeed, you may have some questions. This is very common for new moms because, while breastfeeding is natural, there can be a learning curve.

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How to Connect with Your Baby

Here are a few simple ways to develop your relationship with your infant every day.

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