Sometimes called the “magical” years of childhood, children aged three and four use their blossoming imagination, creativity, and spirit of exploration to help understand and navigate the world around them. The good times with your three and four year old will be great and you will often laugh out loud at what your child says and does. Temper tantrums and power struggles, however, are still normal. As your child becomes more independent, she may become overwhelmed by the wide world. Your love and guidance will help provide the support she needs to feel confident in herself and her abilities.

Choosing Books for Your Child: Preschoolers 3-5 Years

Read these tips for more information on how to choose age-appropriate books your preschooler will love.

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Preschooler Tantrums

As your child ages into a preschooler, the frequency of tantrums should decrease but they may still happen occasionally. Just like toddler tantrums are more likely to happen when your preschooler is tired, hungry, overwhelmed, or frustrated.

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