five alternative reasons why your baby might be crying

Author: Bianca Dugue

You’ve tried everything, your baby’s fed and they’ve just woken up from a nap and won’t stop crying. You may be wondering what else could be bothering them. Here are five other reasons why your baby may be upset:

  1. They are experiencing general discomfort that may not be visible to you such as a strand of hair wrapped around their toe. Your baby’s clothes could also be too tight for them.
  2. Mom and Dad are stressed and baby’s picking up on it. Reach out to a friend. This may be an excellent time for a self-care check-in.
  3. They are too hot or too cold. Babies can be very sensitive to temperature, make sure you check how many layers they are wearing. Too much clothing or too little may be the issue.
  4. It is possible that your baby might just need to be held and want some attention from you. Take turns calling your support system to help you care for the baby.
  5. Your baby may be experiencing growing pains like teething. All babies cry especially in their first six months of life.

It’s important to remember that all babies cry and it is normal to get frustrated. If your baby’s crying is persistent please be sure to consult with the baby’s pediatrician.

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