the self-care series: five self-care questions to ask yourself today

Author: one tough job

If you are a parent chances are you are not practicing self-care regularly. We know that everything and everyone tends to come first most of the time. The idea of self-care might seem like something out of someone else's life, but we all have experienced the benefits of a taking a little time for ourselves.

Regular self-care is critical as a parent. Even ten minutes to yourself can help you recharge enough to face the rest of the day. We would like to challenge you to start to think of your self-care needs more often.

Here are five self-care questions to ask yourself today:

  1. Are you getting at least eight hours of sleep?
  2. Do you prioritize your tasks by not creating a heavy to-do list?
  3. Do you carve out at least 30 minutes a day for an activity you like?
  4. Is there a support system that you can turn to on days when you may feel overwhelmed?
  5. Do you check in on your emotional well-being?

When we are constantly stressed, it leaves us feeling less aligned with the world around us, sort of like we are just going through the motions of our lives with no real attachment to the things we do every day. A healthy dose of self-care allows us to feel more in tune with ourselves which then allows us to get more connected to the things and people we love the most. Feel free to use the questions above as a guide to checking in with yourself. Give yourself the space to be as honest as you need to be when it comes to how you feel.

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