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    Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse this Summer  

    Source: the Mama Bear Effect

    The school year is coming to an end, and there are endless requests and advertisements for summer babysitters, camps, playdates, carpools, and extended visits with family. We’re striving for the right balance between supervision and freedom, entertainment and healthy boredom. There are likely to be a variety of activities and people our children will be involved with, which means we need to remain vigilant and keep open communication about body safety.

    Keeping Kids Safe: How to Start Talking  

    Source: Committee for Children

    Talking with your child about things like touching and private body parts isn’t easy. It’s common to feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, and you may not know where to start. But the good news is, you can weave these conversations into the interactions you have with your kids every day, like bedtime, reading time, and at meals.

    Keeping Kids Safe: Ask the Expert

    Source: one tough job

    Marybeth Dwyer is a national trainer of Talking About Touching (TAT), a child abuse prevention curriculum, and has over twenty years of experience in the family support field.

    Keeping Kids Safe: Signs of a Bad Babysitter

    Source: one tough job

    It’s normal to feel reluctant to be away from your child and nervous with a new babysitter. However, if your feelings of unease do not go away or if you start to feel uncomfortable with anyone who is caring for your child, it may be time to find a new babysitter.

    Keeping Kids Safe: Warning Signs of an Abuser

    Source: one tough job

    While educating children about appropriate boundaries and safe touches is the first line of defense against dangerous situations, knowing the warning signs of a potential abuser is a crucial part of protecting your child from sexual abuse.

    Keeping Kids Safe: Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

    Source: one tough job

    Many of the behavioral changes that children undergo are a result of their ongoing development. However, when the change seems drastically out of character or concerning it could, though may not necessarily be, a sign of abuse.