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guest blogger: patricia sarmiento

When my son was diagnosed with autism, we learned about all kinds of therapy options. In our experience, using a combination of alternative therapies has helped us better connect with James. Whether you plan to use them as all-encompassing treatment or to complement other treatments, there are different types you can try to benefit your child.

Tilly, the Barbarian

On one hand, we have a hilarious, smart, endearing, unabashed, affectionate, and adorable little peanut. She (supposedly) behaves at her twice a week school and gets along with her classmates...

On the other hand, we have a child occasionally possessed by Lucifer. Her stamina for over-the-top tantrums is actually kind of impressive.

5 ways your child will terrify you

Maybe you harbored ambitions of being the cool, laid-back kind of mom or dad. Or, maybe you always knew you were going to be the crazed germaphobe who wipes everything with antibacterial wipes, twice. Either way, you were likely unprepared for these five ways your child will terrify you (and cause a few grey hairs in the process):

On radical self care

We give our all to our children and our careers and our friends and our homes and our schools and our communities, but we struggle mightily to give to ourselves. And when we do, we feel guilty because it feels like we are wasting our time or could be doing something more productive or should be taking care of someone else.

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