Ten Ways to Show Your Child Love Today

Author: one tough job

You don't need a special occasion such as a birthday or holiday to show your love to your family. Everyday gestures such as a thoughtful note or a simple 'I love you' are powerful ways to show your children how much you care and how much they mean to you.

Here are 10 easy ways to show your love today:

1. Write your child a love letter. Write down a few of the reasons why you love your child and why you think he is special. Mail this letter to your child.

2. Surprise them. Skip afternoon activities one day and take your child on an adventure. You can take her ice-skating, to the beach, or even take a walk in the park.

3. Read him one more story. Say yes when your child asks for another story, even when you are tired. He will love the extra attention.

4. Frame a favorite picture. Print out a favorite picture of your child and write a note on the back of the photo describing why it’s your favorite. Give her this photo to keep in her room.

5. Tell your child your favorite memory of him. Tell your child a positive memory you have of him. It could be when you first met, the story of his birth, or any other special moment.

6. Multiply the affection. Give your child a dozen hugs, tell her you love her twenty-five times, or give her a hundred kisses. Your child will love the silliness of the amount and she will enjoy the additional affection.

7. Dance, sing, and laugh. Put on your favorite “oldie” and show your child your moves. It doesn’t matter what song, he will enjoy the time you spend together.

8. Lunch box love. Write a silly poem or the lyrics to a song that reminds you of your child and hide this in her lunchbox. Your child will smile and feel loved even when you are apart.

9. Throw out the rules sometimes. Let your child play with every toy in his room, run in the rain, or play in the mud with him. Enjoy the beautiful, perfect moments of life’s mess.

10. Tell your child you love her everyday. Simple but strong, saying "I love you" is an easy way to show your infinite love to your child.

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