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Mindfulness is for Everyone

Laundry, running errands, getting the kids to dance/karate/soccer, work out (ha!), make dinner, etc. Who has time for meditation?

If sitting in one spot for an hour doesn't work for you, check-out this great infographic from mommy blogger, Debbie Tyson. There is something on this list for everyone.

guest blogger: patricia sarmiento

When my son was diagnosed with autism, we learned about all kinds of therapy options. In our experience, using a combination of alternative therapies has helped us better connect with James. Whether you plan to use them as all-encompassing treatment or to complement other treatments, there are different types you can try to benefit your child.

Tilly, the Barbarian

On one hand, we have a hilarious, smart, endearing, unabashed, affectionate, and adorable little peanut. She (supposedly) behaves at her twice a week school and gets along with her classmates...

On the other hand, we have a child occasionally possessed by Lucifer. Her stamina for over-the-top tantrums is actually kind of impressive.

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