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3 Things Little Girls Need from Their Fathers

Source: Huffington Post

A little girl needs her father's support in her unfolding sexual development because it helps secure three hugely important facets of how she'll see herself in the world throughout her life. You'll influence her level of personal confidence, her body comfort and pride, and you'll set her expectations for the way she should be treated by boys and men.

50 Baby Play Ideas


This list from the Kids Activities Blog offers great ideas for games and activities to do with your baby to help her learn about the world through movement and sensory play.

Activities To Do with Your Baby

Source: one tough job

Every minute your baby is awake he is learning something new from the world around him. He is growing and changing every day and there are many ways you can communicate, play, and help him learn. Not only is this good for your baby’s development but it can be a lot of fun for both of you!

Activities to Do with Your Preschooler

Source: one tough job

Playing with your preschooler encourages learning, increases self-esteem, and creates stronger family bonds. Preschoolers love routine, so creating a regular playtime can help them better prepare for and engage in activities.

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