Family Fun, Food, & Fitness

Author: Jessica Dautruche

Looking for some fun and easy ways to stay active and eat healthier with your family? Here are some ideas that Jordan and I love to do.

Find a family-friendly trail. You can hike, explore different types of plants, or follow a map to find a hidden treasure. If your kids are a little older, you can leave riddles and clues to find help find a box of treasures. Check out this list of family friendly trails in New England.

Instead of popsicles and ice cream, try frozen fruits like mango or make your own ice cream with frozen bananas.

photo credit: Mango Sorbet via photopin (license)

Do exercises during commercials. Jump rope and foot fires are our favorite. You can also play a game where every time a character says a certain phrase, or does something, you have to do ten jumping jacks

Have a dance party. Turn on your favorite Pandora station or kid’s bop YouTube playlist. Not feeling like you have the right moves? Search Just Dance Kids on YouTube.

Take a walk before and or after dinner. If the First Family can find time, so can we.

Have a fitness play date with other parents and their kids. Instead of a movie and pizza, why not try to meet up at a track or play a game of soccer in a field. Parents can also do some cardio exercise while kids play at the park.

Try some free & active family fun like skating or bowling. Find a place near you with these websites: or

Make food art with healthy snacks. iSometimes its OK to play with your food. Your kids will love using veggies and fruits to create their own masterpiece.

photo credit: Fruit Face via photopin (license)

Share your ideas for family fun and fitness by commenting below.

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