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12 Alternatives to Time-Outs


Time-outs are not always effective for every child or every family. This article covers alternatives to time-outs including offering a second chance and having a chill-out space.

5 Discipline Tips for Single Moms


Regardless of the reason why, more and more of us are becoming single moms. With that role comes not only the sole caregiver, the lone lunch box packer, the only boo-boo fixer and the one tear clearer in the house, but the thankless job of discipline.

5-Year-Old Behavior Problems and Discipline


There are as many causes of behavior problems in 5-year-old children as there are individual differences in children's personalities and preferences. But when it comes to disciplining and correcting behavior in 5-year old children, parents have a big advantage because children this age are much more verbal, and are able to reason and discuss problems with their parents.

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